Irrelevant never felt so relevant.

Irrelevant Media is an international artist collective, with members currently representing Pakistan, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, and The United States.  Though we're cinema-focused, we develop all kinds of content together: from narrative films to documentaries, commercials, web/digital content, theatre, music, podcasts, and beyond.  The "what" is irrelevant, it's the "who" that counts.

We're also an incorporated business with physical production capabilities.  So if you're a brand or a business or a non-profit and you like our vibe and you want us to whip up some content, you're in luck.  We've got directors, we've got cinematographers, we've got sound recordists, we've got editors, we've got production designers, we've got writers, we've got... well, everything really.  We're your one stop shop.

Irrelevant is currently in post-production on a feature documentary about the Lakota Nation and pre-production on a half-hour pilot about a band of Brooklynites navigating their chaotic quarter-lives.

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