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Short Film | 2022, Post-Production

A girl plans a rendezvous with her boyfriend while her family is at a funeral.

Writer/Director: Maggie Briggs

Producers: Zachary Warren Briggs, Maggie Briggs, Cedric Cheung-Lau

Executive Producers: Amanda Freedman, Bill Pivetta, Chuck Edmundson

Cinematographer: Cedric Cheung-Lau

1st Assistant Director: Rodney Llaverias

Production Design: Fernando Iriarte

Original Score and Sound Design: Alexander Rodriguez

Original Music from: Alexander Rodriguez

Locations: Serena Murison & Sawyer Johnston

Starring: Lucy Lennox, Jasper Briggs, Josiah Wiggins

with Kevin Patrick Murphy, Kellin Watson, Andrew Starr

Director's Statement:

Baby, the Ghost tells an all-too-familiar story. 

We shot the film serendipitously after production for a larger planned short was made impossible due to COVID. After a good cry, we pivoted. And a small crew of my close friends rallied behind me to help shoot this simple but emotional story. I wrote a 5-page script in a night based on shared stories between myself and my then 17-year-old actress, Lucy Lennox. 


One character; one location; 16mm stock and camera donated by a friend of mine in Asheville. And we managed to pull something out I'm so proud of. That chance for flexibility and experimentation is the beauty of a short, I think.

The film is raw. It's rushed. It is imperfect. But it all somehow lends to the truth of this coming-of-age story.

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