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Short Film | 2019

Naive Shani helps his transgender friend and crush audition for the lead in an erotic dance show. In this whimsical drama, Saim Sadiq depicts the guileless ambition and inevitable compromises of two young adults daring to imagine bolder roles for themselves than society has envisioned.

Darling poster.jpg

Director: Saim Sadiq
Writers: Saim Sadiq and Rodney Llaverias

Producer: Mahak Jiwani, Nadia Afgan

Cinematographer: Mo Azmi

Production Design: Idrees

Sound Designer: Carlo Sanchez

Starring: Alina Khan, Abdullah Malik, Mehar Bano, Nadia Afgan

Supported by

Katharina Otto-Bernstein Production Grant 


Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film — 76th Venice International Film Festival

Special Jury Award — SXSW International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection

76th Venice International Film Festival (Italy)

2019 Toronto International ilm Festival (Canada)

27th Hamptons International Film Festival (USA)

2019 Montreal Festival of New Cinema (Canada)

2019 Stockholm Film Festival (Sweden)

2020 SXSW International Film Festival (USA)

2020 Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA)

2020 Prague Short Film Festival (Czech Republic)

2020 Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)

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