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Feature Screenplay | Dark Comedy

A thirteen-year-old boy traverses the country with his mother seemingly to get away from his abusive father, only to discover that she might be the real danger.


Cine Qua Non Revision Lab 2021

Columbia University Film Festival - Faculty Honors

Reader Recommended on The Black List


“Melding some of the offbeat character voices, sensibilities, and dynamics of films like RUSHMORE with some of the soberer, more serious, and thought-provoking coming-of-age family drama found in films like EIGHTH GRADE or WHAT MAISIE KNEW, this script distinguishes itself with a unique narrative and perspective that seem undeniably inventive and engrossing.”

-The Black List


“This is a masterfully-written script.  Its world is immersive.  Its characters are real.  It is elevated by beautiful imagery and subtle themes.  It’s an incredibly special piece of storytelling and it will long stay with its audience.”

-The Black List


“There isn’t a single corner, moment, or detail in this script that does not feel original or suited to the writer’s unique voice.  Despite juggling dozens of characters, every single one feels distinct and well-rounded—flawed and human.”

-The Black List


“IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH is a strong indie contender that feels deeply personal to this writer yet widely accessible to millennial audiences.  Its tone and auteur flares are reminiscent of the films of Mike Mills, suggesting a budding talent worth keeping an eye on even after this screenplay.”

-The Black List


“With the right team on board and strong execution, look for the film to make a splash on the festival circuit before being discovered by a broader audience via a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon.”

-The Black List


“Sharing a bit of similarity with HONEY BOY, this could be a wonderful addition worthy of an indie company’s pursuit.  It’s a near perfect script and it is transcendent, forcing its audience to feel and think and react in a way that should not be passed by.”

-The Black List


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