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Stage Play | 2019

Based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen

If I cannot change my situation I will change myself.

In this act of magical transformation I recognize myself again.

I am groundless and boundless movement. I am a furious flow.

I am one with the darkness and the wet.

And I am enraged.

Here at last is the chaos I held at bay. Here at last is my strength.

I am not the water

I am the wave, and rage is the force that moves me.

-Susan Stryker

Theatre Company 

Limonadenfabrik Oldenburg

Director: Markus Wulf

PerformerEsther Vorwerk

TechnicianWiebke Gärtner

Concept: Esther Vorwek, Markus Wulf

Collaborator: Wiebke Gärtner

Puppets: Markus Wulf

Dramaturg/Consultant: Lou Kordts

Sound Designer: Holger Buff

Stage Design: Beatrice Bader, Leon Dutz

External Links 

Official Site

NWZ Review

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