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Short Film | 2017

At her first day on the job, it isn't long before Reauchean realizes that there's something awry at the core of Millennium Steel.

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Director: Emil Benjamin
Writers: Emil Benjamin & Amber Reauchean Williams

Producers: Emil Benjamin & Maya Korn

Cinematographer: Vasilios Sfinarolakis

Editor: Emil Benjamin

Starring: Amber Reauchean Williams, Lorne Batman, Alex Herrald, Maria DeCotis, Amy Berryman, Tricia O'Toole, Julia Saunders, Eryn O'Sullivan, Shelby Hightower, John Zdrojeski, Jake Murphy, Cloteal Horne

Official Selection

Bushwick Film Festival

Oaxaca Film Festival

World of Film Int'l Festival Glasgow

Bute Street Film Festival

*Capitol Hill Film Classic

Deep Focus Film Festival

*High Peak Independent Film Festival

*Roma Prisma Independent Film Awards

Northeast Mountain Film Festival

Quiet City Film Festival

HB Film Festival

*Denotes award or nomination

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