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Alexander is a composer, producer, editor, and performer from Los Angeles. As a lover of lush soundscapes and new technology, Alexander has always been drawn to the blending of organic and synthetic sounds. This shines through in his thoughtful compositions and borderline-obsessive sound design.


With 10 years of experience in writing and producing, Alexander continues to expand his music education by way of the internet and documents his process under the moniker "Schmorgle." Whether it's writing challenges or experiments in sampling the world around him, his candid videos provide a creative outlet that spans multiple forms of media. 


Alexander recently had the privilege to compose additional music for the documentary OYATE.  Other in-house film credits include THE BREAKDOWN PARABLES and MOURNING GLORY.  Beyond film, he currently sound designs and produces the comedy podcasts PODCAST: THE MUSICAL, SNARK MONKEY and THE LONE STAR PODCAST.  He also brews some pretty solid kombucha.